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Girlschool are a British rock band that formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1970s and frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead. They are the longest running all-female rock band, still active after almost 40 years.

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Originally formed in 1975 from a school band called Painted Lady, Girlschool enjoyed strong media exposure and commercial success in the UK in the early 1980s with three albums of “punk-tinged metal” and a few singles.

During their career, Girlschool travelled the world, playing in many rock and metal festivals and co-headlining with important hardrock and heavy metal bands. They maintain a worldwide cult following and are an inspiration for many female rock musicians. Despite frequent changes, original members Kim McAuliffe, Denise Dufort, and long-tenured member Tracey Lamb are still in the band. 

Girlschool are releasing a career spanning anthology in 2022 and working on a new album for release in 2023.

Heavy Metal Assault Tour lands in UK next February

Heavy Metal Assault Tour features Girlschool, Alcatrazz, RAVEn and Airforce all on the one stage for one special night.

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