Ted Poley

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Top 20 on MTV, Top 25 on VH1: Hair Metal Bands of All Time!

Over 3 Million Album Sales Worldwide !

Worldwide Tours with KISS and Alice Cooper 

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Captain of the Monsters of Rock Cruise!

Regular Appearances at M3 Rock Festival

Ted Poley is most recognized as an MTV and FM Radio fixture of the late 80’s as lead singer of the enormously successful MTV band "Danger Danger".

The band's biggest hits include: "Bang Bang", "NaughtyNaughty", and "One Step from Paradise", "Don't WalkAway" and many, many more.  

Danger Danger's debut album was a huge success worldwide on Epic Records, and the band successfully toured the world in support of KISS and Alice Cooper.

Ted Poley has released several amazing solo records including: Collateral Damage, Smile, Beyond the Fade and Modern Art. 

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